Learn the tools to help embrace this work so that you can transmute your darkness into light without judgement or self-rejection.

Date & Time

April 20th at 6 PM MST


Live via Zoom—replay video available after event



Join us live April 20th for the new moon & solar eclipse to learn how to embrace shadow work and experience a deep cleanse and initiation as we walk into eclipse season on April 20th. Eclipses are a powerful time of cleansing and transformation which typically initiates shadow work to help us move deeper into connection with our own light.Shadow work can be a difficult process. 

Our shadow is not something we need to judge, it is a part of us that has experienced pain, trauma and rejection.In order to find wholeness and wellness we must embrace the darker parts of ourselves with love and compassion. Leave feeling centered, grounded, and ready to embrace this work. Shadow work is one of the most important journeys a lightworker can embark on. I hope to see you there.

What’s all Included:

This ceremony will teach you about shadow work and how to embrace this process with greater ease and understanding. You will also receive healing to help aid in this process and prepare you for the two weeks of eclipse season. Finally, You will receive a download of a shadow work meditation for you to keep to help you better connect with your own shadow long after the ceremony is over.