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How to Safely Work With Spirit Guides

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What Are Spirit Guides?

A spirit guide is a spirit that assists us in our daily lives from the spiritual realm. Everyone has one. In fact, you probably have more than one. They are benevolent, spiritual beings who are willing to help us in any way we need. In order to work with them we have either made agreements with them before we came to earth, subconsciously welcomed them in as we have been here, or we may have consciously asked for their support through prayer and intentions.

In most cases, we have one main spirit guide who stays with us throughout our lives, assisting, supporting, healing, and loving us on our journey-even without us realizing it. Other spirit guides show up when they can be most helpful. It’s common to have more than one.

Different Types of Spirit Guides

Passed on loved ones

Friends and family members can become our guide after they pass away. It’s possible you had those intentions long before coming to earth or both have decided to stay close regardless of human form. Usually they bring love and support, but sometimes they sit with you as you think about difficult things and help you work through them without you realizing it.


Ancestors are similar to our family members but we did not know them in this lifetime. They may also be community members of our ancestors long ago. Meaning that they didn’t share our family blood line—but they were in our communities and share cultural roots or connections with us. Also, ancestors can be spirits of the land that you work with to help heal and balance the area you live on and around. They also may also help you in your healing journey. I work with the ancestors of the land regularly in my area.

Helpers, Guardians, and Protectors

These spirit guides work with you specifically to help you in your life. A lot of people don’t realize how much support and guidance they receive from their helper spirits until they start to fully understand their intuition and how it works for them. These spirits help with mundane things—like “where are my keys?? oh there they are,” to personal growth, like navigating major life/career/family changes, to supporting you on your spiritual path of ascension and your unique life callings. They also help keep us safe and protected in the spiritual realm.

Angels, Gods/Goddesses, Deities, and Ascended Masters

Angels, deities, gods, goddesses, and ascended masters (holy people that walked the earth), can also come in and out of our life to support us. Maybe they are answers to our prayers that we send out, maybe we have a relationship and connection with them through past lives, or maybe we are drawn to specific ones and seek them out. They are all unique and bring their own types of energy and support. I personally love to work with them for protection, healing, and to help me tap into specific energies they harness that I’m lacking—such as love, healing, balance, communication, etc.


Animal spirits also can be a part of our spiritual team. They may join us physically on earth as a pet or they may work with us in the spiritual realm. Each animal spirit brings with it a specific energy we may need. Such as awareness, strength, protection, healing, play, a message etc. You can find books and articles online with more info about specific animals.

Benefits of Working with Spirit Guides

Whether you realize it or not, you are already benefiting from their support. They are lovingly helping, guiding, supporting, and answering prayers in any way they can to help you.

Some of the ways they help are:


They can help you connect with healers in the physical world, teach you things you need to learn, and help you cleanse, heal, repair, and strengthen your energy field from the spiritual realm.

Spiritual work

I have specific guides that only help me in my shamanic healing sessions and my shamanic and magical practices. Many of these guides are my ancestors and they showed up in my life when it was time for me to answer the call to pursue the path I’m on now.

It’s really common for spirits that help us in our awakening process to show up at specific times to help aid us in our spiritual growth and psychic development. I have seen unique guides like this show up for clients in many of my sessions. Once we reach a specific time in our personal path and development in our lives, they show up to help us reconnect, develop, and tap into our spiritual gifts.

connecting you with people and things

Through our spirit guides, we may be able to find people, situations, opportunities, and personal development tools that will answer our prayers for help and support. It’s important to be open to these opportunities, but also remember that we get to choose what we want in our life. Our guides may offer us many options and you get to decide what’s best for you. You never need to accept an offer that doesn’t fully align with your goals. They will keep bringing you things until the need is met.


Manifestation is another word for them bringing us things into our lives, but more focused and intentional. The more clear and intentional we are with our desires the more our guides can help us hone in on exactly what we want. Then they will help us bring it into existence, along with a plethora of desirable things such as abundance, healing, love, and joy. Releasing blockages to make room for this new energy is a key part of the process that should not be neglected. You have to let go of things sometimes in order to led new things in. Also, it’s important to remember that our vision may be different from what spirit has in store. Therefore when something doesn’t immediately arrive or if certain elements disappear from our life, we must trust that all will come together when the time is right and for the utmost benefit.


When you ask for protection, different spirits will help protect you energetically. You can also ask specific spirits to work with you, like archangel Michael, and they will help you every step of the way.

Guidance on our souls path

My guides have taught me that all of us have specific things we want to learn, do, accomplish here on earth. Our spirit guides work with us to help us stay on track and help us pursue all of our unique callings. If you are unsure or lost in life, pray and ask for guidance. They will find a way to help you on your path.

Personal growth

They can help you tap into and develop different skills. They can help you come up with ideas and be guided to things you need to see or help you with what you are trying to accomplish in your life. I’ve also observed people who gain guides to assist them with entrepreneurial endeavors, creative matters, relationship help, etc. It is quite normal for them to help us with the everyday human matters.

Receiving their love and support

Sometimes we need love and support and it isn’t always readily available from those around us. Our guides can send us love and support so that we can feel their comfort and healing whenever we need that extra love.

You don’t have to know who your guides are specifically or what they specialize in when it comes to helping you. What’s important is that you start to build a trusting relationship with them so that you can become more and more in tune with them. They want to help you, that’s why you’re reading this blog right now.


How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Safety in the spirit realm

The spirit realm is filled with all sorts of spirits and just like humans not all of them have our best interest at heart. Some may even have bad intentions. It’s important you practice protecting yourself spiritually.

Tips for Protecting Yourself Spiritual
  • Heal your spirit and aura from any damage.
  • Ask for a guide that serves your highest good to act as a spiritual gatekeeper. Keeping away spirits that don’t serve your highest good.
  • Wear protection jewelry
  • Do protection rituals
  • Crystal grid your home or room to act as spiritual walls that keep spiritual energies, spirits, and entities out that don’t serve your highest good (I have a video on how to set one up here. I plan to put out an updated version soon).
  • ALWAYS ask that you be protected and any guidance that you receive be for your highest good

If you ever feel like there is a negative spirit near you—remember you have all the power—they can’t do anything to us if we don’t let them. They feed off fear and negative emotions, so do not give them that power. You are ALWAYS safe. Ask that your guides take whatever is bothering you away for the highest good. If that doesn’t work and you can’t seem to shake it, you may need to reach out to a healer that is able to to help with negative entities and attachments.

Requesting Their Help

Spirit guides can only help us if we ask for help. There are rules in the spiritual realm that prevent them from interfering in your life without your permission. This is because we have free will on earth. We are the drivers of our life NOT them. They can help us and guide us based on what we pray and ask for and can only interfere without permission for something called divine intervention. This is to stop or prevent something that might interfere with our life paths that we have chosen prior to coming here.

Ideas for prayers or questions to ask
  • Please show me signs that you are with me supporting me
  • Please show me (whatever item) when my passed on loved one wants me to feel them
  • Please bring me love, healing, and support
  • Please protect me from negative entities, energies, and attachments
  • Please guide me in my day to day activities
  • Please help me remember to stay focused on the present moment
  • Please help me find a new job, home, partner, teacher, healer, etc.

Different guided meditations can help you connect with your spirit guides. Meditation will help you to quiet the noise so that you can hear and feel their subtle messages. Mediation is also great for spiritual travel to meet and talk to them.


Journaling is a great way to get out your emotions but also a great way to gain insights and guidance. Set intentions for what you would like help with and start to write in your journal. Your higher self and your spirit guides will help bring you messages through your writing.

Divination tools

Another way to communicate with your spirit guides to receive guidance is to work with divination tools. Tarot, pendulums, oracle cards, dowsing rods are just a few tools you can use to help aid you in receiving messages from your guides.

Signs that You Are Receiving Guidance From Your Guides

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are repeating numbers that you see on the clock, receipts, license plates, or any other place with numbers. 1111 & 444 are common angel numbers. You can look up what specific numbers mean and whatever jumps out to you is usually your message. However they also represent the message that you are being supported, guided, and are right on track.

Hearing the same phrase or thing multiple times

Sometimes our guides will give us a little nudge by repeating a phrase or lesson to us through other people, through social media, TV, etc. Listen to these little nudges.

Deja vu

Sometimes our guides will try and point out something very important to us through Deja vu. I find that if I have Deja vu, whatever is happening in that moment or shortly after is something I may need to pay extra attention to.

You feel or think that something you felt/saw/heard was guidance for you

Our intuition will sometimes tell us when a message is meant for us. If you notice something and feel like it was a message from your guides, it was.

See Unique Animals or Seeing the Same animal several times

My guides love to communicate to me through animal symbolism. If I see a unique animal I will look it up to see if there is any message in their symbolism. Try it next time you see an animal you feel brings a message.

Tracking Your Messages

Oftentimes we are receiving messages and aren’t aware of it or we second guess our intuition and write it off as a coincidence. I always advise those that are new to developing their intuition to keep a journal with all the messages, guidance, and symbols they receive. This helps build your confidence, helps you become more aware of the unique ways your guides communicate with you, and sometimes reviewing our message later brings deeper insights.

Common Obstacles to Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Feeling not worthy to be supported from the spiritual realm

You are worthy of support, love, and guidance from the spiritual realm and in the human world! We come from the spiritual realm and our gifts are very much a part of us. We are wired this way. If you feel unworthy, remind yourself that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience and the divine is already within you—because it is you. Also, work on healing any feelings of unworthiness so that you can put your traumas behind you and embrace your gifts.

Afraid to ask too much from the spirit realm

It’s okay to pray and ask for what you want! If it doesn’t come it just wasn’t meant to be. That doesn’t mean that you should stop asking for love, support, and things that you desire. Open yourself up to receive.

Second guessing yourself/ignoring your intuition

This is a common problem. Many of us have experienced gaslighting in our lives. Gaslighting can cause blocks in our third eye as well as cause us to second guess our intuition. Work with an energy healer to heal any blocks and disconnect you from anyone that may be negatively influencing your intuition. Work on building your confidence and trust in yourself and you will start to heal this. 

Anxiety and trauma confused as intuition

Anxiety and trauma can sometimes throw us off. Our emotions can become so strong that it feels like we are being pulled towards something in the same way our intuition would. Remember that if you are in an highly emotional state—you are unable to accurately gain guidance. It’s important to focus on grounding and coming out of triggered states before making decisions that you believe are guided by intuition. Our intuition will never come with intense emotions or pressure—always gentle, calm, and ease.

Leaning too far into spirituality and not staying grounded

It’s important to stay grounded in reality. But what does that mean? Being grounded means having balanced chakras, being rooted energetically to the earth, and fully integrated into the body. Yes, we are spiritual beings but we are also humans. It’s important to learn how to balance your logic and intuition as well as to focus on being present and grounded here on earth. When you lean too much into the spiritual world it can become an unhealthy escape or lead to overwhelming spiritual signs that can cause a spiritual psychosis if you are not careful. Be sure to balance your spirituality by taking care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit. You are a human too!

In conclusion

Working with spirit guides can be a powerful way to enrich your life and embark on your soul’s journey. With the right knowledge, protection, and intention you can open yourself up to receive guidance from your spirit team. By trusting in their love and support, they will help you heal, manifest abundance in all areas of your life, protect you from negative energies and entities, provide spiritual tools for personal growth, navigate day-to-day decisions more easily, and much more. Take the time to connect with them today so that they can join you on this beautiful journey called life!If you want to know how to develop your gifts more check out my Intuition & Psychic Development Course and begin your journey today.


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